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    Barbieri Stardragons Oracle

    Dragons, stars and constellations. Built with Paolo Barbieri Artwork fol-lowing a precise astronomical research, the deck calls for inspiration from the deep sky, with Astrological constellations taking the shape of Dragons, and their brightests stars that of ancient fantasy warriors.
    249 kr

    Barbieri Tarot

    The incredibly powerful art of Paolo Barbieri lends itself to the magic of Tarot. Beyond Fantasy, Barbieri is a true master of form, fixing into his art more than just a vision, but many visions to lead you through a sea of possibilities and understandings Languages Multilingual Artists Paolo Barbieri Features 78 cards, 66x120mm . Instructions
    189 kr

    Barbieri Zodiac Oracle

    A master of style and form, popular Italian illustrator Paolo Barbieri presents an oracle deck full of colorful, breathtaking artwork and astrological possibilities. Inspired by classic astrological imagery, Barbieri has turned the signs, planets, and elements into illustrations of incredible, uncontainable energy.
    159 kr

    Be Kind (52-Card Deck & Guidebook)

    Mindfulness teacher Anna Black believes we can create new ways of thinking and behaving to cultivate a kinder attitude to ourselves and others. The 52 cards in this kit include ideas for acts of kindness towards others as well as suggestions for developing self-kindness
    229 kr

    Beautiful Creatures Tarot, 2nd Edition

    In this revised and updated version visit a mystical and exotic world where all your questions, big or small, complex or simple, are answered with the utmost love, honestly, and clarity. Enjoy 80 beautiful and now gilded Tarot cards depicting mythical and legendary creatures as they guide you to a place where all problems are left far behind, and faith and positive energy in life are restored.
    329 kr

    Before Tarot - Deck

    Following the great success of the New Vision Tarot and of the After Tarot, here comes the third volume of the Trilogy: the Before Tarot. The traditional images of Tarot are now portrayed a few moments “before” they happened. Each of the Arcana opens a wholly new window into our understanding of the cards, adding a time dimension to what we see and know.
    199 kr

    Beginner’s Guide to Tarot

    If you are a first-time tarot user, BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO TAROT is for you! Juliet introduces the Minor cards first, along with practice layouts, before moving on to the Major Arcana. Before long, you will be using all 78 cards of the complete deck, and will progress from beginner to expert tarot reader in no time!
    259 kr

    Beginner's guide to tarot deck & book set

    This deck/book set is designed to introduce the beginner to the art of tarot reading. The Sharman-Caselli deck has taken some of its imagery from classic decks as early as Visconti-Sfzora, as well as from the Smith-Waite deck. The softly colored deck encourages tarot newcomers to tap into their intuition.
    269 kr

    Beyond The Illusions Oracle Cards : 44 Cards with Guidebook

    We have all experienced different situations in life. Either with other people or ourselves, emotionally, physically or spiritually. We have encountered various problems that we have needed to process in the emotional plane to move forward in our lives.
    229 kr

    Bianco Nero Tarot

    Bianco Nero (Black & White) Tarot blends the classic iconography of Visconti Tarot with modern, hand-drawn ink illustrations inspired by antique engravings and woodcuts for a truly timeless look. Includes 64-page booklet with a custom Goals Spread.
    219 kr

    Bird Messages

    We have always been fascinated by birds, watching them and trying to attract them into our gardens. Each of the 52 exquisitely illustrated cards in this unique boxed set includes a message from these amazing creatures that speaks to our heart and shows us the way forward.
    219 kr

    Bix Tarot

    249 kr

    Black Cats Tarot

    This Rider-Waite-based tarot celebrates and honors the beautiful and magical black cats. Cleverly incorporating feline characteristics and legend into traditional tarot archetypes, this fanciful deck captures these creatures moving between worlds of reality and fantasy, the mundane and mystical. Disarmingly cute yet unmistakably wise, the black cats encourage you to explore your own animal nature.
    179 kr

    Black Moon Astrology Cards

    A unique divination deck based on the ancient discipline of interpreting the night sky to give you access to the tangible wisdom contained in the heavens above. Drawing on the ancient discipline of interpreting the night sky, the BLACK MOON ASTROLOGY CARDS give you access to the tangible wisdom contained in the heavens above.
    229 kr

    Blank Tarot Deck

    Make your own tarot, playing cards, or original game deck with a set of 80 round-cornered, blank cards with tarotee plaid backs.
    149 kr

    Blessed Be

    This Celtic inspired deck, in very simple, real ways, returns to you the holy power of blessing, providing a pathway to reconnection with the Divine.
    219 kr

    Blessing Cards: Communicate Your Love, Gratitude And Caring (210 Cards; Comes With Organdy Drawstrin

    Blessing Cards are a dynamic tool for self-development, transformation and opening to the power of the universe. There are 210 unique affirmations contained in this card deck.
    189 kr

    Blessings Gratitude Cards

    Based on Julia Cameron s Blessings a heartwarming and uplifting book of powerful prayers these beautifully designed cards serve as daily reminders that, even in our most troubled times, we are blessed. The Blessings Gratitude Cards provide positive and uplifting support for our day-to-day lives."
    149 kr

    Blue Messiah Reading Cards

    BLUE MESSIAH READING CARDS have been divinely created as a universal heart compass, to guide and support humanity through the immense changes and energy shifts occurring presently on Mother Earth. As we move through this period, this card set will provide clarity and insight to our evolving inner worlds and expanding consciousness.
    199 kr

    Body Healing Cards

    Based on Ewald Kliegel’s more than 40 years of hands-on healing work, Body Healing Cards offers an opportunity to intuitively investigate the essence of the individual organs, explore their interconnectedness within the body, and discover their physical, soul, and spiritual layers. Anne Heng’s beautiful intuitive artwork carries information that addresses the unconscious levels of the organs.
    289 kr