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    Magisk journal: wicca

    Keep a record of your tarot journeys, magical workings or spiritual explorations in this luxurious journal.
    59 kr

    Tarotduk: wicca (sammet)

    Explore the many uses of these velvet cloths from Lo Scarabeo, featuring embroidered symbols from various traditions, these multi-purpose cloths are ideal for altars, divination practice, ritual, meditation, and home decoration. Cloths measure 80 x 80 cms
    250 kr

    Tarotpåse: Sensual Wicca (satäng)

    These quality tarot bags are beautifully made and ideal for keeping a cartomant's most treasured decks safe. Size: 160 x 225mm
    79 kr

    Tarotpåse: Silver Witchcraft (satäng)

    Satin, printed 160x225 mm
    79 kr

    Tarotpåse: wicca (sammet)

    Small bag with an embroidered inspirational design, the ideal place to keep all your mini tarot cards, runes and crystals. Bag measures approximately 82 x 135 mm (3.25 x 5.25 inches). Designed and manufactured by Lo Scarabeo
    39 kr

    Tarotpåse: Witches Moon (satäng)

    Inspired by the forthcoming Witches Tarot, this lush satin pouch provides safety and protection for your most treasured decks.
    139 kr