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    Tarot Secrets: A Fast & Easy Way To Learn A Powerful Ancient Art

    This easy-to-understand guide helps novices read tarot like a pro! Designed to provide instant answers to life's questions
    219 kr

    Tarot: A New Handbook For The Apprentice (V.1

    Provides a clear, but profound, method of exploring and discovering your own inner depths. A necessary prerequisite to a thorough understanding of the ancient symbols.
    199 kr

    The Archangel Guide to Ascension

    Since 2012, the energy on this planet has changed considerably, with much more high-frequency energy coming in. In addition, many of the tools and techniques we have been using on the ascension path have moved to a new vibration with different geometric set-ups.
    139 kr

    365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day

    A tarot reading is a quest for answers to your greatest questions, deepest desires, and most profound needs. The power of tarot lies in the questions, and now you can discern answers to those questions with fascinating and magical results 365 days a year. Explore a tarot quest on any topic with extensive spread categories, including: ...

    219 kr

    Chakra Meditation

    Inspired by a very old tradition, the oracle includes 7 crystals, 1 board and instructions. This meditative oracle works through the connection of Chakra’s wisdom with the six ancient Hindu sciences (among them, Yoga is certainly the most widely known) and with the insights of Vedic astrology. It’s a journey, suitable for everyone, of deep self-awareness and gentle serenity.
    249 kr

    Dödens astrologi : entré och sorti - ditt födelse- och dödshoroskop

    Dödens astrologi kombinerar tiden och ödet och tar oss med på en fantastisk resa från vår entré på det fysiska planet, jordelivet, till vår sorti från detsamma. Här utforskar Derek R. Seagrief den roll som döden spelar i vår andliga utveckling och konkretiserar sina teorier i en mängd exempelhoroskop för både anonyma och kända personer som Luciano Pavarotti, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson och
    149 kr 99 kr

    Isis hemlighet

    Egyptisk visdom och magi i vackert illustrerad bok! Den egyptiska visdomstraditionen är en av de allra rikaste och mest fascinerande.
    169 kr 99 kr


    Andromeda, Pegasus, Perseus, Orion, Ursa Major and so many other constellations have been turned into extraordinary dragons. Altair, Sirius, Vega, Antares, Aldebaran and so many other known stars have taken shape as warriors, knights and creatures, side by side to the Dragons. It is a book where magic threads over the unknown and cosmic wonders, in a journey of colour and ink.
    199 kr

    Tarot 101: Mastering the Art of Reading the Cards

    Are you eager to learn the Tarot in a way that's both effective and fun? This complete course in Tarot demystifies the art of card reading by drawing on your intuition and imagination. "Tarot 101" will turn anyone into a professional card reader in just twenty-two practical lessons.
    189 kr

    Tarot and Astrology: Enhance Your Readings with the Wisdom of the Zodiac

    Enrich and expand your tarot practice with age-old wisdom from the stars.

    Entwined for six centuries, the link between tarot and astrology is undeniably significant.

    179 kr

    Tarot compendium

    A comprehensive full-color tarot book from Lo Scarabeo. This third volume completes the set, along with Tarot Fundamentals (978-0-7387-4899-3) and Tarot Experience (978-0-7387-5272-3). This hardcover book focuses on advanced tarot ideas and practices, exploring esoteric disciplines as they intersect with tarot.
    279 kr

    Tarot Court Cards: Archetypal Patterns Of Relationship In The Minor Arcana

    THE TAROT COURT CARDS sheds new light on interpreting the 16 "face" cards of the Tarot - the King, Queen, Knight, and Page. In contrast to the idiosyncratic and confusing interpretations that are presented in many tarot books, Kate Warwick-Smith has crafted a new method of interpretation that makes these cards more accessible and offers greater enlightenment than ever before. Using the Kabbalah...
    169 kr

    Tarot Designs Coloring Book

    Thirty original illustrations to color capture the magic and mysticism of Tarot cards. Full-page drawings cover the complete major arcana, including the High Priestess, the Fool, the Lovers, the Wheel of Fortune, and other trump cards. Additional depictions from the minor arcana feature swords, wands, cups, and coin suits.
    69 kr

    Tarot Face to Face : Using the Cards in Your Everyday Life

    Master the tarot cards with essential skills and methods for insightful readings in everyday situations!

    149 kr

    Tarot Fundamentals

    A labor of love ten years in the making, Tarot Fundamentals is Lo Scarabeo's authoritative compilation of tarot knowledge. With thorough perspectives on tarot history, reading, spiritual work, card meanings, and more, this full-color volume is an indispensible reference for beginners and adepts alike.
    269 kr

    Tarot of the Spirit

    Illustrated with the Tarot Of The Spirit deck painted by Joyce Eakins. Centered on the Qabbalistic Tree of Life, this new symbolism clearly explore the Minor Arcana as a representation of the four components of life: spirit, emotion, intellect, and body; while it reveals the Major Arcana to be the keys to our emotional response patterns to the symbolic universe in which we live.
    259 kr

    Tarot Reversals for Beginners

    Many people don’t know what to do when a card appears upside down in a tarot spread. This book helps you become more comfortable and confident when these topsy-turvy cards dance into your readings. Join author Leeza Robertson as she explores five distinct areas of energy related to reversals: blocks, protection, mirror, shadow, and retrograde.
    159 kr

    Tarot Spells

    Most people think that Tarot cards are only for doing readings. Some know they can also be used as focal points in meditation. But those in the know have the secret--some incredibly powerful magic can be performed easily with the help of the Tarot. Now you can discover those secrets and use them to improve your life with Tarot Spells by Janina Renee Techniques of using the Tarot cards for magic..
    169 kr

    Tarot Talismans: Invoke the Angels of Tarot

    According to Chic & Sandra Tabatha Cicero, the tarot is much more than a collection of symbolic images--it's a vibrant ecosystem of interconnected energies and entities.
    249 kr

    Tarot Unfolded: Imaginative Reading of the Divination Cards

    Tarot is the extended deck of cards used for divination, dating back to the Renaissance. It works by images, as do humans. We are creatures of imagination. Reading the Tarot cards is essentially done by processing the images in our imagination.
    249 kr

    The Art of Tarot

    The Tarot has a 500-year history and most Western and Eastern cultures have created their own unique decks. The cards in this set, exquisitely illustrated by artist Emma Garner, express the rich imagery and symbols of the Tarot in a way that is both stunning and immediate.
    129 kr

    The Healing Miracles of Archangel Raphael

    Archangel Raphael is the angel most closely associated with healing, known throughout the world for his miraculous powers and ability to help those in need.
    119 kr